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Where minutes before it was a square or a pedestrian promenade, now one of the oldest rituals of humanity is about to begin. The audience attends curious, laughs, participates, allow themselves to be transformed. On the other side of the circle are they who, risking their bodies and souls, bring tales from far away places. At a given moment, actors and audience merge into one, humanity that falls and rises, everyday heroes that with honor and dignity almost always lose.


Creation, Direction and Interpretation: Andrés Fagiolino, Federico Rodriguez, Betina Dominguez

Costumes: Betina Dominguez

Graphic design: Amares Teatro

Production: Amares Teatro

Duration: 50 min

Assembly time: 30 min

Calendar 2016


  • Oberá: "Plaza de la Equidad" Square | 7th of January

  • Eldorado: "Sarmiento" Square | 13th, 15th of January 

  • Puerto Iguazú: "San Martín" Square | 20th of January 


  • Curitiba: "15 de Novembro"  pedestrian | 27th of February

  • Caxambú: Main Square | 2nd of March

  • Morro de Sao Paulo: Main Square | 4th and 5th of June

  • Serra Grande: "Fiesta de Sarao" Festival | 11th of June 

  • Campo Grande: Urban Park | 10th of July


  • Santa Cruz de la Sierra: Urban Park | 22nd of July

  • Cotoca: Main Square | 24th of July


  • Chiclayo: Main Park | 2nd of December

  • Lamas: Main Square | 10th of December

Calendar 2017


  • Pasto: Children Park | 2nd of April

  • Qimbaya: Main Square | 10th of April

  • La Tebaida:  "La Silvia" Neighborhood | 11th of April 

                             "Pisamos" Neighborhood | 12th of April 

                             "Nueva Tebaida" Neighborhood | 13th of April 

                             "Quindío" Museum | 14th of April

  • Galapa: "Las Mercedes" Neighborhood | 11th of June

  • Zipaquirá: III Theatre Festival "Vamos Pal Barrio" | 20th of July

  • Baranoa: Thatre Festival "Golpe de Tablas" | 23rd, 24th, 25th of August

Calendar 2018


XXVIII  Theatre Festival !Cruzada Teatral Guantánamo - Baracoa!

  • Los Claderos | 12th of February

  • Jobo Arriba | 13th of February

  • Los Gallegos | 15th of February

  • El Diamante | 17th of February

  • Santa Marta | 18th of February

  • Asunción | 19th of February

  • Puriales | 21st of February

  • Lavadero | 22nd of February

  • Barigüitas | 23rd of February

  • Jamal | 25th of February

  • Mosquitero | 26th of February

  • Palma Clara | 27th of February

  • Cayo Güin | 28th of February

  • Nibujón | 1st of March

  • Baracoa | 2nd of March


  • Playa del Carmen: 5ta Avenida | 3rd of January

  • San Cristobal de las Casas:  Main Square, Festival for working children "Festamalito" 

                                                      "Mamut" caves. International day of the working children                                                                 organized by Melel Xojobal | 8th of December

Calendar 2019


  • Santo Domingo de Yojovi: Native Community high School | 31st of January

  • Bahías de Huatulco: III National Meeting of Community Theater "CODEDI" | 11th of February

  • Huehuetla: Native Studies Center School "Kgoyom"  | 7th of March

  • Xilitla: "Venustiano Carranza de San Pedro de Huitzquilico" Primary School | 21st of March

  • Sierra Taraumara: "San Ignacio de Arareko" Kinder  | 2nd of  May


  • Limapampa: "Limapampa" Primary School  | 29th of May


  • Sajama: "Eduardo Avaroa" Primary School  | 21st of August

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