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We are beings born in a corner of the world, in the deep south of Latin America. Great plains, acoiferous lands permeated by rains, floods that transform into rivers, embracing us until they reach the immense sea.


We listen to the sound of the water that runs through our lives and cleanses, transforms and thrills us.


In Uruguay, in the long winters, when the sky turns gray, the flood lasts for days and we feel invited to stay inside, with ourselves. In summer, when the long-awaited rain arrives, the curbs of the sidewalk overflow and our land laughs with happiness, we say "it rains Amares".


In this game that encompasses love, water and the sea, Amares Teatro is born, with the firm intention of creating beauty and consciousness.


We understand the theatrical act as a ritual where the actors and actresses prepare to be channels, to evoke, invoke and summon. To generate an ephemeral, unique and unrepeatable act, where humanity looks into each other's eyes and accepts itself.


Theater as a way of investigating and relating to life. Looking for and developing ways to train our humanity and make it true and present within the theatrical act.


We present a theater where human beings are seen with their crises and searches, evidencing the incoherence that emerges from our existence. Where someone allows them to laugh at their ridiculousness and in this way enables the audience to question whether they are not laughing at themselves.


Again and again we find ourselves in the same situation: standing at the curb of the sidewalk contemplating the river of rain that runs down the street, holding a freshly made paper boat and feeling the vertigo of trusting in the magic of life once more . "Have a good trip" we say to him, and while our paper boat leaves, we ask for three wishes with the conviction that tomorrow will be better.


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