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In the midst of a great regional drought, a town sends two of its members to find out the causes of the lack of water. The pilgrims will have to travel far, towards their deep roots in order to understand what is happening.


RIO is the story of a people without water, of a long journey, of a humanity that got lost. An invitation to reflect on the walk of human beings on this earth.


There is a sense of nostalgia in this show, a will to caress the scent of childhood, to draw a bridge that take us to our land, to recognize ourselves through its traditions and to find fertile land to build our own rituals. But also there is a desperate attempt of humanity to cope with global devastation and uncontrolled growth as well as with our individual greed and pursuit of personal comfort.


RIO is a ritual to heal wounds, regain confidence, resume dialogue, open ourselves to ideas and ways of acting differently, take time, have time, accept failure, accept the defeat, accept the deaths, accept the fear, recognize that we are still alive and that carries along hope. That is a great human paradox, we have reached this point where it seems that we have ruined everything, that the depth of our wounds is such that we will not be able to heal, but nevertheless and inexplicably we still have hope.

Laughter, if it happens, will give us courage to embrace the totality of our life experience and recognize the other as "another me".


Creation, Direction and interpretation: Andrés Fagiolino, Betina Dominguez

Kathakali choreography: Sabarinath Kalamandalam

Costumes: Alondra García

Original sound: Sebastian Viera

Light design: Pranshu Shrimali

Graphic design: Betina Dominguez

Scenography: Amares Teatro

Production: Amares Teatro

Duration: 60 min

Assembly time: 120 min

Suitable: All public

Calendar 2016


  • Eldorado: Polideportivo |13rd of January


  • Ilha do Mel: Espacio Cultural Shams | 29th, 30th, 31st of March, 4th of February

  • Lins: Prisao Juvenil | 16th February

  • Conceiçao do Mato Dentro: Escola CEFORM |17th of March

                                                      Poliesportivo | 20th of March

  • Milho Verde: Cafe no Bosque | 28th of March

  • Sao Gonçalo do Río Das pedras: Escola Virgina Reis | 4th of April

  • Serra Grande: Espacio Asas y Raices, Aritaguá | 19th of June


  • Toro Toro: Escuela Fé y Alegría | 8th of August 

  • Sucre: Espacio Escénico "Jawapi" | 28th of August 

  • La Paz: Espacio Escénico "Wawastinkuywasi" | 17th of September 

  • Sajama: Escuela Municipal | 23rd of September


  • Pisaq: K´an K´an Casa Cultural | 23rd of October

  • Huamanurco: Predio comunitario | 21st of December

  • Puerto Huaman: Predio comunitario | 24th of December

Calendar 2017


  • Baños: Teatro La Peripecia, Fundación Arte del Mundo | 19th of January

  • Tumbaco: Teatro Telón de Aquiles | 29th of January, 5th of February, 13th of March

  • Manta: Centro de Artes La Trinchera | 17th, 18th of March




  • Pasto: Aleph Teatro | 7th of April

  • Palmira: Teatro Guillermo Barney Materón | 15th of April

  • Medellín: Teatro La Polilla | 18th, 19th, 20th of May

  • Barranquilla: Luneta 50 | 10th of June

  • Chia: Baca Teatro | 5th of August


  • San José: Casa del Arcoiris | 9th of September


  • Santa Ana: International Theatre Festival  "Festiclown" | 5th of October


  • Panajachel: Casa de Arte | 29th of October

Calendar 2018


  • Toluca: Teatro Casa de la Cultura Ocoyoacac |18th of January


  • La Habana: Teatro La Proa | 3rd y 4th of February

  • Guantánamo: Teatro El Guiñol | 9th of February

  • Santa Clara: Teatro El Mejunje | 27th of March

Calendar 2019


  • Oaxaca: Museo Infantil de Oaxaca | 3rd of February

                      La Jícara |15th of  February

  • Puebla: Colegio Montesori | 27th of February

  • Creel: Comunidad Educativa Tamujé Iwigara | 3rd of May


  • Sillacancha: Fundación Sweet Children Perú |12nd of June

  • Cusco: Teatro CASA DARTE, Friday 14 |15th of June

  • Trujillo: VII Festin Clown | 21st of June 

  • Chiclayo: II Festival Internacional de Teatro "II FITCH A volar" | 5th of July


  • Montevideo: Teatro El Tinglado | 25th of September


  • Elrizikat village:  |19th of November

  • Armant Elhiet village: Prinaey School |25th of November

  • Sinai: Tarabeen Tribe Village | 2nd of December

                  Muzzeina Tribe Village | 3rd of December

                  Malha Village | 4th of December

Calendar 2020


  • Kanpur: Methodist Highschool | 31st of January, 1st, 2nd, 3rd February

  • Bikaner: Bikaner Theatre Festival | 8th of March

Calendar 2021


  • Arambol: Double Dutch | 23rd of January

  • Dharmanagar: 7 Festival "Natyamancha Natyutsab" | 5th of January

  • Karimganj: Khusiara Natya Utsab International Theater Festival | 7th of February

  • Udaipur: Abhimukh Natyasrijan 5 Mukthapatibha Canvas | 10th of February

  • Jorhat: Replica Theatre Village | 21st of February

  • Kalimpong: Sakya Monastery | 3rd of March

  • Kaliabor: Kolong International Theatre Festival | 4th of April

  • Jorhat: School | 8th of April

  • Kungri: Kungri Nunery | 5th of September

  •              Kungri Monastery | 15th of September

  • Kaza: Spiti Festival | 20th of September

  • Pune: In colaboration "Rambo Circus" | 11th, 12th and 13th of December

Calendar 2022


  • Kathmandu: Kausi Theater | 15th and 16th of April 

  •                      Shechen Monastery | 18th of April


  • Pondicherry: Internacional Festival "Remembering Veenapani" organized by Adishakti Theatre Arts | 22nd of April

  • Bir: Deer Park Institute on the celebrations regarding the World Environment Day | 5th of June

  • Srinagar: Studio Kilab | 15th of July


  • Hoi An: Cham Chi Club | 23rd of October


  • Shangai: Screening of the Show RIO at 11th Shangai Intenational Experimental Theatre Festival | 17th to23rd of October


  • Majuli: International Festival DO:NY-PO:LO | 20th of November

  • Duliajan: III Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev International Festival  | 22th of November


  • Kathmandu:  NITFest International Festival, Mandala Theatre | 29th of November


  • Barpeta: XXX Rangghar International Festival  | 4th of December

  • Kokrajhar: Lwrgi Theatre village  | 5th of December

  • Dhemaji: Vydia The living school  | 7th of December



  • Izmir: X Izmir International Theatre Festival | 11th of December

Calendar 2023


  • Arambol: Moving Parts | 25th of February

  • Kalimpong: IV Nature in Art | 27th of April

  • Kalimpong: Gandhi Ashram | 8th of May

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