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We propose a space to approach the world of circus without pressure, offering different entrance doors, so that each child finds his/her own way.


The circus disciplines work on coordination, self-confidence, trust in others, listening, presence, respect, perseverance and determination. Our approach seeks to create a space where the child can express himself/herself without pressure, accompany the child in their development process and enhance their artistic abilities, without imposing pre-established forms and allowing their particularity.


We will begin with body and voice dynamics that will lead us to register our body and its possibilities at the present time.


We will work in three stations where each participant will gain confidence and finding a personal and unique relationship with each circus discipline.

The work stations will be the following:

  • Object manipulation: contact ball, flags, juggling balls, bouncing balls and hoops.

  • Acrobatics: individual acrobatics bases such as handstand, car wheel (clown turn), balance and role positions (front and back) will be worked. Basic duo acrobatics positions will also be worked where children will be ported by a teacher.

  • Aerial Silk: The climb and basic positions will be explored with a knot that will facilitate the experience and grant security.


The workshop will be closed with an enlongation session that will allow each participant to experience a sensation of muscular relaxation and calmness.


Depending on the needs of the group, the stations can be included:

  • construction and execution of instruments from recycled material

  • construction of juggling and other circus elements from recycled material

  • playful theatrical space, where dynamics of the training of mask theater, physical comedy and theatrical clown are addressed


The basic proposal is to work for an hour and a half of work, with the possibility of carrying out a more extensive process according to the needs of the group.


Minimum 6 and Maximum 20, conditions subject to the characteristics of the space.


The roof must have a height greater than six meters and have a beam that allows hanging at least three fabrics. The floor preferably should be made of wood or be covered with a material that allows cushioning. It is desirable to have at least 3 high density mattresses.

Calendar 2016


  • Toro Toro: "Fé y Alegría" School | 8th of August 

  • Sajama: Goverment School | 23rd of September


  • Pisaq: K´an K´an Cultural space | 23rd of October

  • Huamanurco: Communitary place| 22nd of December

  • Puerto Huaman: Communitary place | 24th y 25th of December

Calendar 2017


  • Baños: Interactive Library-Fundation "Arte del Mundo" | 12th of January


  • Quimbaya: "Semana Santa Cultural" Cultural Festival | 10th of April

  • La Tebaida: "Semana Santa Cultural" Cultural Festival  | 14th of April

  • Sabanalarga: III Theatre Festival "Casa Giraluna"  | 25th of June


  • Panajachel: Casa de Arte Cultural space | 22nd of October

Calendar 2018


  • Toluca; Casa Esporas Cultural space | 19th of January

  • San Juan de Teotihuacan: "Teotihuacan Circus" Circus School | 8th of May

  • CDMX: Mosaico Down Foundation | April-June


  • La Habana: La Proa Theatre | 1st of February

  • San Cristobal de las Casas: Oficial workshop of the Festival "Festamalito"

                                                      In the Project "Festamalito por los barrios" | October,                                                                                                                  November and December

Calendar 2019


  • Bayadiyyah: Goverment School  | 15th, 16th of November

Calendar 2020


  • Kanpur: Roots & Wings Organization  | 2nd of February

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