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(The colours of the oxide)

The Colors of Oxide is a theatrical clown show performed by a clown actor. It is the story of an old locksmith, of a being that dives in the seas of memory and time.


They have taken their streets, the objects fall, the memories fade and he is still there, polishing, hammering, trying to make life go on.


Los Colores del Óxido is a dance with the inevitable passage of time. What about the other side? What is death? Is there something after? If the memories were falling off like autumn leaves, what would be the last one to be released?


This show was created in care homes, listening to languages ​​that came from other times, where the streets were lit with candles and the gathering around a fire was our community medicine.


We explore on the edge where the memories are cracked and reinvented.


Creation: Andrés Fagiolino y Anahí Frontini

Direction: Anahí Frontini y Betina Dominguez 

Interpretation: Andrés Fagiolino

Texts: Andrés Fagiolino

Musical creation and sound landscape: Andrés Fagiolino y Guillermo Urrutia

Costume Design: Alondra García y Andrés Fagiolino

Costume Making: Alondra García, Teresa Quintero, Ruth Ponce, Lu Mendoza

Design of lights: Amares Teatro

Photography: Betina Dominguez

Graphic design: Betina Dominguez

Stage design: Andrés Fagiolino, Betina Dominguez, Anahí Frontini

Realization of scenery: Andrés Fagiolino, Betina Dominguez, Axel Gottschalk, Marcial Pichi

Production: Amares Teatro

Time lenght: 70 min

Assembly time: 180 min

Disassembly time: 60 min

Suitable: All ages

Calendar 2018


  • San Cristobal de las Casas:  Hogar de Abuelos Senilia, 15 of December.                                                        Centro Cultural Wapani, 20 of December. Official Selection of Festival de Artes "No Mas Muros"

                                                      Centro Cultural Wapani, 27 of December.                                                                  Centro Cultural El Paliacate, 29 of December.

Calendar 2019


  • Zipolite: Sativa Circo Hotel, 15 of January

  • Oaxaca: Tierra Independiente, 26 of January

                      Museo Infantil de Oaxaca, 3 of February

  • Santa María de Huatulco: III National Meeting of Communitary Theatre, 10 of February

  • Puebla: Foro Tetiem, 1 of March

  • San Luis Potosí: La Guarida del Coyote, 23 of March

  • Guadalajara: La Clandestina, Ciclo de Unipersonales Uniclown, 6 of April                              Airesis, Ciclo de Unipersonales Uniclown, 13 of April

  • León: Foro Corazón de León, 26 y 27 of April


  • Cusco: Centro Cultural Carcajadas, 24 of May

  • Huacho: Festival Ruta Clown, 14 of July


  • La Paz: Theatre "El Desnivel", 24 of August

  • Cochabamba: Theatre "La Calendula", 31 of August


  • Montevideo: Sala Ensayo Abierto, 3 of October

  • Piriápolis: Teatro del Viento, 5 of October

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