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en la orilla
(on the shore)

"Do you know what is the most beautiful thing here? Look: we walk, we leave all those footprints on the sand, and there they stay, precise, ordered.


But tomorrow, when you get up, when you look at this huge beach there will be nothing left, not a trace, or any sign, nothing.


The sea clears at night. The tide hides. It's as if no one has ever happened. It is as if we had never existed. If there is a place in the world where you can think that you are nothing, that place is here.


It is no longer land, it is not yet sea. It is not false life, it is not true life. It's time. Time that passes. Enough." 

                                                                                                            Alessandro Barrico - Oceanomar


"En la Orilla" is a show created specifically for intimate places, such as bars, cafes and even the living room of a house.


Actors who stand in that special space where the ephemeral is the rule, where the gestures are polished to make the instants eternal.


Both public and actors will end up splashed from the same sea that brings in its salt stories of time.


We were interested in exploring the concept of the ephemeral. We wondered about what it is to transcend and what is really transcendent.


Acrobats, jugglers, musicians and clowns represent it.


Direction, creation and interpretation: Andrés Fagiolino, Axel Gottschalk, Betina Dominguez

Musical direction: Axel Gottschalk

Original music: Axel Gottschalk

Costume making and design: Betina Domínguez

Lights design: Amares Tetro

Graphic design: Amares Teatro

Production: Amares Teatro

Time lenght: 60 min

Assembly time: 90 min

Disassembly time: 30 min

Suitable: All ages

Calendar 2016


  • Sucre:  La Quimba | 24th of August

  • La Paz: Bar Magik | 15th of September

                    Almatroste | 17th of September


  • Cusco: La Escencia | 10th of October

                    Ukukus Bar | 14th of October

  • Lima: Remy Pizzeria | 13th of November 

Calendar 2017


  • Pasto:  El Búho Café Cultural | 30th of March and 1st of April

  • Tuluá: La Casa de Todos | 21st of April

Calendar 2018


XXVIII  International Theatre Festival "Cruzada Teatral Guantánamo - Baracoa"

  • Guarano | 17th of February

  • Los Llanos | 18th of February

  • La Máquina | 19th of February

  • Punta de Maisí | 20th of February

  • La Ceiba | 21st of February

  • Sabana | 22nd of February

  • Yumuri | 23rd of February


  • San Cristobal de las Casas: Centro Cultural Wapani | 17th and 23rd of November

                                                      Sereno Art Hotel | 24th of November

                                                      El Paliacate | 29th of November

Calendar 2019


  • Oaxaca: La Jicara Espacio Cultural | 14th of February

  • Creel: Bohemian night-Educative Center "Tamujé-Iwigara" | 4th of May



  • Cusco: School of Arts | 23rd of May

                    Cultural center "La Escencia" | 25th of May

  • Chiclayo: II International Theatre Festival "II FITCH A volar" | 29th of June



  • Oruro: XIII Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas Alalao | 9th of August

  • Challapata: Café Cultural Salamanca | 10th of August


  • Piriapolis: Casa cultural "La Mandarina" | 27th of September

  • Colonia: Cerveceria Barbot | 28th of September

  • Nueva Helvecia: Cerveceria Suiza | 29th of September

Calendar 2020


  • Rishikesh: Indian Culture | 18th of August

  • Bir: Deer Park Institute | 9th and 14th of November


Calendario 2021


  • Patnem: Bliss Circus | 17th of December

Calendar 2022


  • Bir: Deer Park Institute | 29th of May

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