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The actor / actress narrates through the images that he/she creates and embodies, through the word, voice, skin, bones, sweat. It has the ambition of transporting territories, enchanting, enveloping, enchanting itself, enveloping itself, transporting itself. We are the space where things happen, the place of experience.


We will seek to open ourselves to be affected by the experience, develop a research process that puts us at risk. By risk we understand that we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to go beyond limits, to go beyond the comfortable, known, chewed.


Enter the studio without knowing what awaits us, take courage to abandon our actions, reactions, feelings and everyday thoughts, suspend the judgement, allow us to be an unknown territory, give us space for a more subtle perception permeated by volatile images, sensations and small pleasures.  


Such an experience is like a journey that involves danger, because it seeks to break boundaries, situate ourselves in a vulnerable space and go beyond, until the end, to the possible limit, so that the transformation happens. Life and death as a possibility of rebirth.


We will investigate different starting points to generate experiences: diverse physical exercises, music, silence, poetic images, texts, objects, solitude, encounter with others.


We will explore the foundations of an Energetic training by seeking to energize the potential energies of the actor / actress, experiencing different muscular tensions and energetic qualities, and thus allowing ourselves to be energy channels.


We will carry out exercises that seek to work on the principles of Theater Anthropology and we will raise the question of whether it is possible to approach the body as a difference instead of seeing it through given general principles. What and how does it change from seeing / training the body of an actor / actress as a functional body to seeing / training it as a relational body that is potentiated in the encounter with another actor / actress, with a group, with the public, with time and space.


We will let ourselves be carried away by the sensations that our physical actions generate and we will allow emotions and thoughts to run like rivers.


We will accumulate experiences that each participant will organize in their own and in his/her particular way in search of an individual technique, of a personal dance.


The minimum work proposal is 12 hours, divided into 4 days of three hours of daily work.


Minimum 8, maximum 16


Enough space for 16 participants to lie on the floor and to move comfortably.


6 sticks of 1m long will be used

Calendar 2017


  • Baños: Teatro La Peripecia, Fundación Arte del Mundo | 5th to 25th of January


  • Chia: Baca Teatro | 14th to 31st of July

Calendar 2018


  • San Cristobal de las Casas: Centro Cultural Nierika  | 2nd to13th of July

Calendar 2019


  • Oaxaca: Tierra Independiente | 16th, 17th, 18th of January


  • Alejandria: Jesuit Cultural Center | 7th, 8th, 9th of Novmber

  • Bayadiyyah: 12th, 13rd of November

Calendar 2020


  • Allahabad: Extra AnOrganization Theatre group | 6th to16th of February

  • Tonk Rajasthan: Extra AnOrganization Theatre group | 18th to 28th of February

Calendar 2021


  • Sawai Madhopur: GSK Theatre Forum group | 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th y 21st of November

Calendario 2022


  • Chennai: Designed specially for the cast of the Indian movie 254 | 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th of October

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