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The artistic visits seek to stimulate the capacity of imagination, desire and enjoyment of the people who are hospitalized as well as that of their companions; decompress the tensions of the hospital; and favor the integration between the different people who inhabit this space. Thus seeking to generate a new concept of coexistence in health centers, in which both patients and hospital employees understand the disease as a great opportunity for spiritual growth and death as an inevitable and necessary transformation.


Between pumpkins and carrots they made their way, there curled up they found her smile and her eyes of astonishment. The music started and one of them approached. A puppet jumped from his pocket to his finger and another to hers. They danced, they flew while still meeting each other's eyes. The last beat sounded and the puppets promised to see each other again as they went to each pocket. He stood up to leave and she hurried to gather green leaves and tomatoes. "To make you a delicious salad" she said and her eyes were a sea of ​​emotion.

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