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This adaptation for radio drama of the play Río, arises from the investigation of how to adapt our completely face-to-face art to a format where there is no live presence of the audience without losing the warmth of the meeting.


We opted for the radio theater since we find in its silences and in the absence of the image, the possibility of inviting the listener to be co-creator of the story with their imagination. This format in turn allows us through local radio transmissions, to reach places where the theater does not arrive very frequently.


In the midst of a great regional drought, a town sends two of its members to find out the causes of the lack of water. The pilgrims will have to travel far to their deep roots to understand what is happening.


Rio  is the story of a town without water, of a long journey, of a humanity that got lost. An invitation to reflect on the walk of human beings on this earth.


There is a sense of nostalgia in this show, a will to caress the scent of childhood, to draw a bridge that take us to our land, to recognize ourselves through their traditions and to find fertile land to build our own rituals.


Original idea: Federico Rodriguez, Betina Dominguez, Andrés Fagiolino

Text: Andrés Fagiolino, Betina Dominguez

Interpretation: Andres Fagiolino, Betina Dominguez

Direction: Sebastián Viera

Sound Editing: Sebastiàn Viera 

Original illustration: Tierra Andina

Duration: 30 min

Language: Spanish

Suitable: All public

Calendar 2020


  • Chia: Broadcast from the Baca Teatro platforms, within the framework of the cycle "The Theater weaves peace" | November 3th

  • Pasto: IX Festival of Popular and Street Theater "La Máscara del Pueblo" | December 28th to 31st

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