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Memoria Chicha is a theatrical clown show performed by a clown actress. It is the story of a loom that does not advance, of a restless calm, of a destiny that is rewritten at every moment.


Memory rests in your threads, the one that tastes as shared infusion at sunset, the one that germinates in the rifts of the hands of the farmers, the one that silently keeps in the hairstyles marking the way home. To her they turn off the light, she is prefered quiet and speaking softly.


Today she wakes up bringing water, washing wounds, watering the earth, erasing borders. And we humanity made of clay start to disintegrate to return to the earth and reborn.


We focus on making a show to be shown in Latin American markets, this fact marked the pattern of language, rhythm and tone.


During the investigation we came across the art of the loom, which led us to the threads, and these to the time and the memory of the peoples.


In this way Memoria Chicha was born as a tribute to the memory of the people, to the history that does not live in the books but that nonetheless pulsates with force in the fields, the rivers, the stones, the markets, the kitchens, the trades , the stories, the songs and the dances.


Creation: Betina Dominguez and Andrés Fagiolino

Direction: Andrés Fagiolino

Interpretation: Betina Dominguez

Texts: Andrés Fagiolino and Betina Dominguez

Musical direction: Betina Dominguez

Original music: Betina Dominguez

Design and making of Costumes: Betina Dominguez

Photography: Gonzo Bojorquez

Graphic design: Betina Dominguez

Design and making of Scenography: Betina Dominguez

Production: Amares Teatro

Time lenght: 55 min

Assembly time: 60 min

Disassembly time: 30 min

Calendar 2019


  • Santa Maria de Huatulco: III National Meeting Communitary Theatre | 9th of February

  • Oaxaca: Tierra Independiente |16th of February                                                 

  • Tanivet: Female Prison of Tanivet |18th of February   

  • Huehuetla: Centro de Estudios Superiores Indigenas Kgoyom | 8th of March

  • San Luis Potosi: Female Prioson "La Pila" |14th of March

  • Guadalajara: La Clandestina, Ciclo de Unipersonales Uniclown | 7th of April

                             Glorieta Chapalita | 14th of April


  • Trujillo: Female Prison, VII Festin Clown of Trujillo | 20th of June

  • Huacho: Festival Ruta Clown | 13th of July


  • La Paz: Teatro El Desnivel | 25th of August


  • Atlántida: Sala Walter Vezzoso, Teatro Al Sur | 4th of October


  • Armant: Tanweer Association | 18 of November

Calendar 2020


  • Mosiro, Maasai Mara Comunity: Main Market | 3rd of January


  • Delhi: Zorba the Buda | 21st of January

  • Dehradun: Avikal Theatre | 28th of January

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