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The shows are designed as experiences that invite the public to travel. In a shared way with others of the public and the actors, and individually. Travel long, inward ... They are trips that can last a moment, can last for years, or can be shot long after leaving the theater. They always bring something, an image, a question, an old scent, or an inexplicable desire to start a new journey ... Maybe the courage to ask for a hug or to give an apology.


Before the words traveled written in letters, and there were letters that carried on its back images and were called postcards. They not only carried words and images, that paper was responsible for transporting smells, moods, tears ... one could know if the writer was drinking coffee, tea or wine, if he/she was alone in his room or in a park, in the coast or in the mountains. That paper brought a bit of the moment it was written.


We have had the fortune to cross brothers/sisters who have the gift to capture their trip in an illustration and we invite you to form this project where your trips are transformed into postcards to accompany us in the tour and stay in the houses that we stayed and together to the family that we are finding.


Many years ago in the lands of Latin America the messages traveled on foot, the brave messengers were called "Chasquis", this Quechua word means give and take, others translate it as barter. It was so that this job was familiar and inspiring for this project where the trip, the weaving of sisterhood networks and bartering are its foundations. And somehow we feel that those times are not far away and that we all come from the same place.


Ilustrator: Tierra Andina

Origin: Cochabamba, Bolivia

Insipiration: "RIO"

Ilustrator: Emmanuel Ayala

Origin: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Insipiration: "Lucidez"

Ilustradora: Antonia Aguirre

Origen: Quito, Ecuador

Insipiración: Obra "Río al Cielo"

Ilustrator: Tierra Andina

Origin: Cochabamba, Bolivia

Insipiration: "RIO"

Ilustrator: Paulina Sánchez

Origin: Tumbaco, Ecuador

Insipiration: "RIO"

Ilustrator: Betina Domínguez

Origin: Nueva Helvecia, Uruguay

Insipiration: "Amares by the seas"

Ilustrator: Angelica Jurado

Origin: Pasto, Colombia

Insipirtion: "En la Orilla"

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